The Empanadas Strike Back

Well, we don’t know what we have but it is certainly not good. Last night Lynn was in and out of the bathroom addressing various bodily functions (not in the healthy way) while battling cold sweats in the room. Doug was attempting to sleep with all Lynn’s commotions, but woke up in the morning feeling similar effects.

Right now our best guess is that we managed to get food poisoning from the empanadas from lunch yesterday, but that Doug’s is taking 12 additional hours to show. Neither of us were able to get a flu shot before we left because they were not yet available so we are crossing our fingers that it is not that.

As a result, today was incredibly uneventful in an unpleasant way. We continued our bathroom antics while doing a whole lot of sleeping. Doug, feeling slightly better than Lynn, was wonderful and went out to buy crackers, Sprite, and Gatorade to assist with the suffering. We took a mid-day break to distract ourselves with Easy-A on Netflix but then were back to sleep. And, we took our antibiotic traveler’s diarrhea pills in hopes that it would kill whatever was inflicting us before Tuesday, when we are due to start our Inca Trail hike. By late afternoon Lynn was starting to feel significantly better while Doug was feeling worse which was in some ways a good sign that maybe it would only last 24 hours. We’ll see.

The evening was spent doing much of the same: sleeping, bathroom, sleeping, bathroom, etc. with a call to Lynn’s parents thrown in. By Argentinian dinner time we debated going and getting some soup, but opted for more sleep and water instead.

Daily Walking Mileage: 0

Fun Facts:

  • Being sick is the worst.

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