A Day for Rest and Relaxation

Today we slept in knowing that our only plan was to veg out by the pool. We realized that we had not really had a weekend per se in our 2 months of traveling so we chose to make this our 1 day weekend. We woke up and stayed in bed while reading on our Kindles until each completing our respective books. At around 10:30 we wrangled ourselves out of bed for some breakfast on the upstairs patio. When that was complete we did exactly what we said we were going to do: we laid around the pool. We read more on our Kindles. We swam. We sometimes even lounged in the pool while reading. Every so often we would recall things we wanted to do on our upcoming travels such a see a soccer game in South America or cook some chicken enchilada casserole when we finally got a kitchen. We also agreed that we needed to start building an individual folder of plants or designs that we would like to incorporate into our backyard in the future – our own little Pinterest.

The tools of the day...researching and reading.
The tools of the day…researching and reading.

At around 1 p.m. we had some lunch from our resort which greatly satisfied our taste buds – a Greek salad for Lynn and cheeseburger for Doug. Then we went back to lounging, reading, swimming, discussing, rinse, and repeat. Occasionally Fake Loki would come by for some head scratches and we obliged. We did have one insightful conversation that we would like to share with you and that was in regards to what we have learned thus far on our travels. So here goes…

Doug and Lynn’s Thoughts:

  1. If you see a line of local people at a restaurant, get in it. The food is most likely amazing.
  2. The world is a very friendly and safe place. We have not once feared for our safety (forgetting some of the transportation we’ve chosen).
  3. We are amazed at what is considered a necessity in some developing countries: Motorbikes/Cars, satellite dishes, and cell phones. Not needed: Indoor plumbing and soap.
  4. Countries with more poverty tend to have less visible concerns about the environment, aka more litter and burning trash piles.
  5. A surprising number of countries have very corrupt governments and greatly distrust their police force leading to a lot of bribery everywhere.
  6. We are very blessed to have been put on this earth as Americans and greatly appreciate the government regulations which prevent us from eating meat that has been sitting in the sun all day or forcing our parents to make us wear seatbelts in a vehicle instead of allowing them to carry us in their arms on a motorbike traveling upwards of 40 mph. We know that some people in the U.S. would like less government interference, but after seeing some of the countries we visited be believe that more, within reason, leads to better a quality of life (as long as it’s not corrupt).
  7. Though we already knew this, we are EXTREMELY fortunate to be able to take this trip and have these experiences. The majority of the locals we have met have not left their county, never mind their country. This, again, makes us grateful to have somehow ended up on this planet as Americans and be given the advantages required to become successful engineers.
  8. And lastly, we have seen a show of some sort in each country that includes cultural elements. So, we wanted to figure out what an America show would entail. Our best guess includes rodeo and jazz, but we’d love to hear your thoughts!
Doug is just a floating head. Spoooky.
Doug is just a floating head. Spoooky.
Our dragonfly protectors watching over us.
Our dragonfly protectors watching over us.

At around 5 p.m. we changed and headed off to Kep Lodge for another view of the sunset and to enjoy Swiss raclette – melted cheese over potatoes, onion, tomatoes, bacon, ham, and pickles. While delicious, we both agreed that this was not a dish meant for the hot, humid weather of Cambodia and would be certainly be more suitable for Switzerland’s climate. Needless to say we were bloated with cheese and ready to tackle a few more travel chores before heading to bed.

Raclette. Those are pickles on the plate, not poop.
Raclette. Those are pickles on the plate, not poop.

Daily Walking Mileage: 2.5

Fun Facts:

  • Despite all the water everywhere, there are no mosquitos. But, there are hundreds of dragonflies overhead at dusk. So, thank you dragonflies. Would any of you like to return to Austin with us?
  • We witnessed a storm roll through this evening. Hearing the rain was a lovely ending to a peaceful day.

One thought on “A Day for Rest and Relaxation

  1. I GET the ‘grateful to be born in America’ sentiment. I am reminded of the same every time I return from a trip to India. On the ‘American Culture Show’, maybe you should do a poll of the people you meet on your travels what THEY think it would be. It would be interesting to see what comes up most often.

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